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Aztec Securities design, supply, install, monitor, and maintain CCTV Surveillance Systems to domestic, commercial, and industrial premises and offer a range of next generation internal, external, and covert surveillance systems of  the very latest design and technology.

Systems range from a small single camera system with local recording and archiving via a DVR unit with integral HDD, incorporating CDRW, DVD, or external USB backup to a multi-channel system with remote monitoring, we also supply and install CCTV columns, towers, anti-climb spikes, and anti-vandal proof camera cages.

CCTV can be effective in many different ways:

(1) As a deterrent: It discourages criminals and anti-social behaviour.

(2) As a pro-active tool: It allows an operator (either locally or at a remote monitoring centre) to identify and track undesirables, leading to their removal before a crime can be committed.

(3) As an investigative tool: By having the ability to review images recorded onto a hard drive the sequence and time of an incident can be archived and the identities of perpetrators revealed.

We supply a large range of conventional cameras from internal fixed lens mono/colour mini dome cameras, internal and external vandal resistant IR dome cameras, external IR cameras with weatherproof housings, internal and external speed dome cameras with tilt/pan/ and optical zoom, all of our IR cameras can truly turn night into day, we also supply and install specialist automatic number plate recognition cameras (ANPR).

As electronic and CCTV camera technology has advanced we have been able to adapt miniture cameras with a pinhole eye view to become covert by descreately concealing them within everyday objects such as ceiling mounted smoke detectors, wall mounted clocks/pictures, light switches, mains sockets, hand bags, briefcases and items of clothing such as hats, ties, coat collars etc.  

The systems can be self monitored by a link to a remote PC or television monitor, or remotely monitored at our central station using telephone lines, GSM mobile network, radio transmitters, or high speed internet to transmit a signal, and our central station is manned 24 hours a day.

All of our installation and service engineers are trained to the highest possible standards and ethics, and are routinely retrained on all new equipment and technologies, and all new installation, service, and maintenance conformity standards and requirements, and are on call 24 hours a day.